Raising a Winner! Part I

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May 22, 2014
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Raising a Winner! Part I

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After coaching for so many years at all levels (youth through high school), I have seen and experienced it all. Now as the father of 4 young kids and having my two (2) older boys playing a slew of different sports, I see things through a different lens. Lets face it, we all want the best for our children and at the end of the day, we want them to have fun, learn and get a fair shake.
Whether it is a local developmental youth league or a competitive travel team, the approach to dealing with your kids and their coaches shouldn’t be any different.
Parents approach with their kids:
  1. Let them have fun
  2. Praise there effort
  3. Let them know how much you enjoy watching them play
  4. Encourage practice
  5. Don’t grill them on the ride home

Lets also remember this phrase…. “relative progress”! Your son/daughter’s progress should be measured against his/her skill level and not against anyone else!! I think way too often parents get caught up comparing their children to the performance of others and that creates unrealistic expectations and unfortunately bad sport experiences for everyone involved.

Parents approach with their Coaches: 

  1. Be positive and offer help;
  2. Approach coaches with questions or concerns either before or after a practice (NOT After a game); &
  3. Ask what you can do with your son/daughter aside from practice in order to make improvements.

Stay tuned for our next “Raising a winner” Blog Post on Building Confidence.

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Coach Lou D’Agostino

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